Basketbrawlers 2018 AGM Closeout

Welcome to the first ever Basketbrawlers post! Big shout out to Kroon for setting this up and Raj for directing everyone here with that post.

With another season and successful AGM in the books we begin looking forward to the 2018-2019 season. There were some league setting changes agreed upon by the AGM group and a few that still need to be voted upon, so let’s dig in:

Brian Scalabrine Championship Trophy

Our ultimate prize is succumbing to understandable wear and tear (pun intended for the above) after years of changing hands. A refurbishment was discussed at the AGM and it was agreed that something needs to be done; however, the increase in funds and how we proceed with the upgrade still requires a vote.

League Fees

League fees are now due exactly seven days before the draft. If you have not paid, you do not draft. As for the actual fee, it will need to increase if we want to maintain the current prize money distribution. A vote will soon follow regarding the total cost, use of the money, and prize distribution.

IR Spot

We very well may have decided this one during the 2017 AGM but this decision – along with most of the records – were lost in a sea of beers and pick-up ball. Posing the question again at the 2018 AGM resulted in a unanimous approval of a new single IR spot. The IR position will operate following ESPN’s standard rules which are outlined here:

Consolation Bracket

At the conclusion of each regular season, the owners who don’t make the playoffs tend to taper off during the final matchups – and who can blame us? With no motivation the consolation bracket has historically been a place for scorned owners to lick their wounds and prepare for the following season. At the AGM, we decided no more! The consolation bracket will now carry a small advantage during the next year’s draft which is detailed below.

Draft Order

We’ve done a few different methods for selecting our annual draft order, varying between in person and online selections. The AGM group decided it wasn’t complicated enough and derived a convoluted solution that is still random, but allows a small advantage to the winner of the consolation bracket from the year before.

  • There are two separate draws
    • First draw is for ping pong ball pick
    • Second draw is the ping pong ball pick for draft position
  • The first draw is randomized using a number generator, except…
  • The winner of the consolation bracket will pick the first, and second ping pong balls
  • The owner will then select their preferred draft spot between the two and put the unused ball back
  • Ping pong balls (draft position) will then be drawn by owners according to the order determined by the random number generator


Random number generator results in

  • Hooked on Sonics – 1
  • Chance the Raptor – 2
  • The Jackson Five – 3

Yao Know What I Ming won the consolation ladder the previous season, so the ping pong ball draft would go:

  • Yao Know What I Ming – 8th
  • Yao Know What I Ming – 3rd
    • Yao Know What I Ming selected 3rd and returns 8th
  • Hooked on Sonics – 6th
  • Chance the Raptor – 1st
  • The Jackson Five – 12th

Season Length

The Basketbrawlers have always played to the final regular season game of the NBA schedule. This has always forced the championship matchup to take place over the last 10 days while stars are rested preparing for the playoffs. On the other hand, cutting off the last week of the matchup means each player will not play the same amount of games over the season (i.e. Karl Anthony Towns plays 5 games in the last 10 days, meaning he’s only playing 77 games in the season max). At the AG it was decided that this needs to be voted upon by all members.

Turnovers and Dynasty

Quick hitters – neither the ninth category of turnovers nor a dynasty option were voted through at the AGM.

Stay tuned for the voting mentioned above on either the Slack channel or this platform.

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