Author: Adam Kroon

NBA Power Rankings Week 17 – Trade Deadline Edition

Are you curious what the top echelon teams in the NBA did after the trade deadline last week? Check out this weeks new post, and see if any new teams were able to climb into the top 5!

Give N’ Go Podcast S3E7

The dynamic duo are back! This time Raj and Jordan are both in the booth in Vancouver! This podcast recaps an action packed first week of NBA Basketball including:

  1. Rockets vs Lakers Brawl and the Rondo “Spit-gate” (2:55)
  2. The State of the Lakers (12:40)
  3. Western Conference week 1 impressions (14:35)
    – Pelicans, Nuggets, Jazz
  4. Eastern Conference week 1 impressions (24:47)
    – Raptors, Celtics, Sixers
  5. Rookie Impressions after week 1 (38:50)
    – Doncic, Ayton, Young