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This week on the podcast:

Happy New Year basketball fans!

The Give N’Go Podcast is back, and better than ever! We’ve got a great line-up of topics for you today, tune in to hear all about:

1) Kobe Bryant having another child (1:45)
2) Is LeBron the GOAT? (5:35)
3) Lakers at risk of missing the playoffs with LeBron injured? (13:25)
4) Rockets legit contenders again? Harden going OFF! (16:42)
5) Western Conference All Star First Returns (23:05)
6) Luka Doncic as an All Star Starter – Does he deserve it? (25:55)
7) Eastern Conference All Star First Returns (33:20)
8) Does Wade deserve to start in the All Star game? (34:10)
9) Biggest snubs in the Eastern Conference so far (35:05)

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